Gypsy and Traveller Sites

Cornwall Housing have the responsibility for the management and maintenance of the three Local Authority owned, residential Gypsy and Traveller sites in Cornwall.

All three sites, 66 pitches in all, have a utility block containing a day room, a separate toilet and a bathroom with either a bath or a shower.  A pitch will provide room for a large mobile home or tourer caravan, plus parking for a vehicle; for which Rent and Services charges are collected. Residents are also responsible for their water charges and Council Tax.

A 32 pitch residential site containing Cornish Gypsy families many of whom have lived on the site, or in the surrounding area for a number of generations.  

A 24 pitch residential site which contains a mixture of English Roma, Welsh and Irish Heritage Travellers.

A 10 pitch residential site occupied by Cornish Gypsy families.